The world of Medical Genetics is constantly evolving leading to a growing increase in the request for genetic counseling. Consequently, a professional figure working alongside the clinical geneticist is required. The Genetic Counsellor is not only able to manage the technical aspects of a genetic counseling, but also to support the individual and the family in the path of genetic counseling, becoming an intermediary between the geneticist and the patient. It is therefore essential to undertake specialized and professional training courses on this topic.

One of the main objective of our university is to propose to our students the best possible international training system, offering a wide and ever more advanced teaching offer that makes the student competitive for the national and international work world. This is the challenge.

AIM: In Italy, the desirable inclusion of such a figure in the medical genetics services is still far away although sporadic experiences exist on a local basis. The Master Degree in Genetic Counsellors - LM-9, is the first-degree program in Italy that prepares students with the academic and clinical skills to provide genetic counselling through the acquisition of the principles and practices of clinical, medical and laboratory genetics.

WHY IN ENGLISH: English is considered the international language in the scientific community, so the communication in English is aimed at enabling graduates to a more direct and advanced access to scientific knowledge and to a more current comparison with the academic community and the network of professionals at the international level.